Every year, thousands of owners and riders with USDF registered horses compete for USDF awards and the opportunity to find out where their horse ranks against others competing at that level nationwide.

As part of its mission, USDF offers a variety of award programs to recognize achievement in dressage and dressage sport horse breeding (DSHB). In the USDF awards system, there is a goal for nearly every type and level of riding, starting with the USDF Rider Performance Award for achievement at Training Level, on up to the Adequan®USDF Grand Prix Horse of the Year. In between are the popular USDF Rider Medals (gold, silver, and bronze), Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards, and many more.

Most USDF awards are based on the quality of a horse’s performance as demonstrated by scores earned during the competition year. USDF awards are designed to reward horses that consistently earn good scores, regardless of where they place in a class. USDF promotes and encourages a high standard of accomplishment in dressage throughout the United States. In order to recognize this high standard, USDF has developed a program to reward excellence within our sport. USDF encourages all members to strive for excellence by offering award programs for everyone.